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Jan 29

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The California Heights area of Long Beach is one of the best kept secrets when looking for a historic home in the Long Beach area.  Many buyers when the first come to town often look in the Belmont Shore and Belmont Heights area of Long Beach due to it's close proximity to the beach and the large number of historic properties located there.  As with any beach town the closer you are located to the beach the higher the real estate prices tend to be.  A much more affordable historic neighborhood in Long Beach is the California Heights area.  If you have ever driven through Long Beach on the 405 going north then you have passed this area as it's located just north of the Long Beach Airport and on the east side of the 405 freeway.  

Some of the first homes

Dec 30

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Long Beach has a large number of neighborhoods with a wide range of real estate prices.  One of the more affordable and desirable neighborhood are the homes located in the Carson Park community. It's not uncommon to find homes located here in the mid $600,000 range with a variety detached single family homes.  The location of Carson Paris located off East Carson street and Studabaker Road near the 105 freeway.  Many of the homes located here were built in the mid 1950's as original beach homes.  Don't expect to find large homes here as many of the beach homes will average a little over 1,000 square feet of living space.

One of the reasons for the popularity of these homes is because all of these homes were custom built so they have their own unique

Nov 30

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Long Beach has a wide range of rental properties on the market for lease that range from small residential condos to large single family homes.  One of the harder things to find is a property located in the Long Beach area that is considered newer construction and built in the last several years.  These types of rentals are very much sought after since select tenants prefer to have newer and modern finishes in a home.  We did a quick search and found 3 properties that were built in the last 3 years that include rentals found in Newberry Lofts, a 5 bedroom Poly High area home and a 3 bedroom townhome located in the Downtown Long Beach area.  Rental prices for these 3 properties currently range from $2,395 for the one bedroom Newberry Loft to $4,200 for the

Oct 30

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The Belmont Heights area of Long Beach is well known for their beautiful single family homes that offer great curb appeal with some older historic properties located there as well.  The Belmont Shore and Belmont Heights area are arguably two of the nicest area in all of Long Beach.  What a lot of people don't know is that there are also some really nice condo buildings located in these area and one of them is the La Contessa building originally built in 1965.  If you have ever driven down 2nd street and see the outside of this building you would immediate recognize it from it's large scale with huge balconies and stunning wrought iron railings.  The building also has some gentle curves to it that remind of a cruise ship out to sea.  Inside there is a lot

Sep 30

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One of the iconic buildings from the 1960's in the Long Beach area is the Chateau Lisa building.  The compex was built in 1968 and is one of the affordable places to find a two bedroom condo in the Belmont Heights area of Long Beach.  The exact location is on the corner of Junipero Avenue and 2nd streets mixed in with the Bluff Park neighborhood homes.  One of the best features I love about these condos are those with north facing windows that over look the Park area.  It adds an extra layer of the open floor plan with covered outdoor patios that take in the wonderful park views.  The location is also one of the best selling points as it's just blocks to the ocean and a short distance to local shops and restaurants.

Real Estate prices have historically

Aug 31

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One of the newer communities in the Long Beach area is the Riverdale gated community.  The homes in this neighborhood were built in 2018 and offer a great location near the 710 freeway and a large open greenbelt park space across the street. The majority of homes located here feature 3 bedroom floor plans with some 4 bedroom homes as well.  We first started selling home sales in this community starting early last year just under the $700,000 range. Since then real estate prices have slowly been going up with current three bedroom listings priced between $820,000 to $825,000.  These are great two story homes that average around 2,000 Square feet of living space.

The one thing I really love about these homes is the well thought out floor plans.  It's

Jul 29

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Long Beach, California has several premier neighborhoods that are a very desirable place to live and always command a premium in price.  Neighborhoods like Belmont Shore, Belmont Heights, Naples Island, Peninsula and the condos located on Ocean Blvd always tend to be very active in the real estate market.  For those looking for investment properties are often surprised to learn that there are some great income properties that range from a simple duplex to a structure that can features 6 units or more.  Real Estate is always about location, location, location and the Belmont Shore area is considered one of the best when looking in Long Beach.

Currently multi-family properties in Belmont Shore start just under $1 million for a listing that features two

Jun 29

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Having a high walk score has become one of the latest shopping items when looking for a home or condo in the Long Beach area.  What exactly is a walk score?  Well think about it this way, having a high walk score means that you have many local amenities that are within walking distance from you home or condo.  Places like restaurants, grocery stores, movie theater, retail shopping stores are all within a short distance from your place of residence.  The higher the score the closer these places are to the place where you live.  Scores go up to a 100 so if you see a score of 95 then you know that you have picked a place that offers a lot of places close by.

Long Beach, California is a very big beach town with a lot of different areas so not all

May 30

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There is a lot of new construction homes being offered for sale now in the Manufactured home community of Windward Village in Long Beach.  For the price of a residential condo it's possible to get a brand new construction home that can average around four bedrooms with an approximate 1,600 square feet for around $500,000.  The homes are being built by Cavco, which is one of the leading home manufacturer companies.  There are some really great incentives being offered right now as well.  Some of those include paying the buyer's closing costs up to 3% of the sales price which is something you don't see too often when buying a home.  

Once you step inside these homes you have the look and feel of a new home with wood laminate, carpet flooring and nice

Apr 30

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Even if you are new to the Long Beach area then you probably have heard of the Queen Mary which is one of the most iconic attractions within the city.  The location is just opposite many of the condos that line Ocean Blvd with some of the top condo buildings offers Queen Mary views.  In addition to these views can also be panoramic ocean views as well the Long Beach coastline.  Properties that have these types of views typically command a premium in price and are some of the most sought after condos in the downtown area.

Some of the popular places to find Queen Mary views are condo buildings like the Ocean Club which is located directly on the beach.  The building offers three levels of beach front condos as well as a large inventory of ocean view