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Feb 28

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If you have every visited Long Beach, California that you probably know that there are a wide range of neighborhoods to choose from.  One of the more upscale areas of Long Beach tends to be the Alamitos Beach area that includes many of the Downtown condos.  A select number of these will offer ocean views that over look directly on to Alamitos Beach which typically command a premium in price.  Some of the more popular condo buildings include Aqua Towers, West Ocean Towers and the historic Villa Riviera.  Real Estate prices for condos here are typically lower than other neighboring beach towns which makes Long Beach so attractive.  If you are willing to live in a place that is located not right on the beach then real estate prices get more affordable the

Jan 31

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Long Beach, California has a lot of different neighborhoods to choose from that offer a wide range of amenities.  For those who don't need to be right on the beach then areas like the Circle Area is a great place to look as it's ideally located just south of the 405 freeway near the N Lakewood Blvd exit.  This is where you will find the condos of Atherton Plaza located at 5001 E Atherton Street.  This an iconic complex for this area with condos built in 1979 with two to three bedroom floor plans to choose from.  Over the years these were commonly priced in the $300,000 to $400,000 range and it was only since 2020 that real estate prices really jumped up to the mid $600,000 range.  This was in fact due to low inventory of housing coupled with low interest

Dec 28

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One of the best priced Long Beach gated communities is the Casa Alta Mar neighborhood.  It's been nearly four and a half years since we last saw the last sale in this community which was in the summer of 2018.  During that time frame two bedroom condos were selling in the mid $350,000 range which is a far cry to what prices in Long Beach have done since then.  The real estate market has probably seen the biggest increase in the past 3 years since 2019 with current for two bedroom units at $585,000 and $640,000.  What I love about this community is that are not super large, on average around 1,000 to 1,100 square feet but the floor plans are very well thought out.  A lot of units will have a nice living room that opens to the kitchen and dining room often

Nov 30

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The Zaferia neighborhood in Long Beach, California is a true hidden gem in the heart of the city.  The area is mixed with a nice variety of residential condos, townhomes as well as detached single family homes.  In fact, some of the cutest historic homes can be found in this area as well as pictured below.  Of course, the best part about this area is the prices.  It's not uncommon to find condos in the mid $300,000 to low $500,000 with detached single family homes starting at $499,999.  The best part is that there is typically no homeowners association dues for these older detached homes so more of your money can go towards paying off your property mortgage.

The best way to find the location of the Zaferia neighborhood is to get off the 405 freeway on

Oct 27

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One of the more affordable places to buy a condo in the Downtown Long Beach area is the Sunset Pointe condo complex.  If you are familiar with the Downtown area then you will love that this condo building is located approximately two blocks from Broadway street and approximately three blocks from Ocean Blvd which is the main hub where you will find a lot of the great restaurants and shopping here.  What I love about this building is that no matter what the market is doing the prices seem to remain pretty stable over the years with no huge spikes.  What the building is most well known for is the wonderful roof top pool and spa area as pictured below.  It gives the building a true resort feel to it as well as providing underground parking in the

Sep 29

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One of the most unique places to live in Long Beach, California is the Ebell Theatre Lofts in the Downtown Long Beach area.  There are several historic buildings in the Downtown area that were built in the 1920's and Ebell Theatre is one of the them.  The condos were built here around 1924 with several studio, one and two bedroom units located here.  On average, we only see one or two of these condos come on the market each year as inventory is very limited here for those looking to purchase.  What I love about these lofts is that many of them offering soaring ceilings, concrete floors and an open concept floor plan that fits the modern way of living.

Ebell Theatre Long Beach Loft Sales Chart

Real Estate prices for the lofts tend to be difficult to gauge since there has many a limited

Aug 29

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Some of the most affordable condos found in the Bixby Knolls area of Long Beach can be found at the Chateau Thierry condo building.  The condos located at 4170 Elm Avenue have recently sold for under $500,000 for a two bedroom condo with 1,156 square feet of living space.  If you have been looking for a condo in the Long Beach area then you know finding something under $500,000 is very competitive with a lot of buyers looking in this price range.  Bixby Knolls is an area that is not located near the beach but rather just north of the Long Beach airport and within walking distance to many local retail stores and shopping.  There are also several parks located within a short distance from here which makes living here ideal for those who like to enjoy the

Jul 25

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When looking for a home in the Downtown Long Beach area we always looking in a several block radius away from the water and the beach.  We tend to find some of the best real estate prices for condos that offer just a short distance to the beach as well as the many great restaurants and shopping that can be found in the Downtown area.  One great example of this is the Wilsonian condo building that is located at 440 Chestnut Avenue in Long Beach, California.  The Wilsonian is an older building that was built in 1962 with the large majority of condos coming up for sale here being two bedroom floor plans with some one bedroom units as well.  Over the years real estate prices have consistently stayed in the near the mid $200,000 range and even with booming

Jun 27

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With a shift in the real estate market here in Southern California the more you are going to see sellers that are open to creative ways to sell their home.  In a down market, owners of properties need to be flexible in how they sell their home since there is typically a limited number of buyers in the marketplace that can buy a home.  This is especially true for the city of Long Beach where homes in a down market can take a longer time to sell.  One of the creative options we are starting to see is the idea of a lease option.  These are properties that are listed for lease with the owners also willing to sell as well.  In these cases, a lease with an option to buy can often be negotiated if you know how to structure the deal correctly.  Here is a brief

May 31

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One of the small condo buildings located in the Downtown Long Beach area that often goes overlooked is the Golden Gate Square condo building located at 730 W 4th Street.  Here you will find one and two bedrooms that come on the market for sale here and tend to be some of the lowest priced condos in the downtown area.  The location is a several block radius to the water front area and next to Cesar Chavez Park and a much large one called Golden Park.  There is also the Cesar Chavez elementary school located within a short distance to these condos which makes it ideal for those with younger children.  Over the past couple of years real estate prices have gone up like everywhere else but not a super crazy high rate.  There are current 2 condos on the market