Aqua Towers Long Beach

The Aqua Towers Long Beach complex is located on the beach front street of Ocean Blvd in downtown Long Beach, California.

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Feb 28

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If you have every visited Long Beach, California that you probably know that there are a wide range of neighborhoods to choose from.  One of the more upscale areas of Long Beach tends to be the Alamitos Beach area that includes many of the Downtown condos.  A select number of these will offer ocean views that over look directly on to Alamitos Beach which typically command a premium in price.  Some of the more popular condo buildings include Aqua Towers, West Ocean Towers and the historic Villa Riviera.  Real Estate prices for condos here are typically lower than other neighboring beach towns which makes Long Beach so attractive.  If you are willing to live in a place that is located not right on the beach then real estate prices get more affordable the

Jun 27

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With a shift in the real estate market here in Southern California the more you are going to see sellers that are open to creative ways to sell their home.  In a down market, owners of properties need to be flexible in how they sell their home since there is typically a limited number of buyers in the marketplace that can buy a home.  This is especially true for the city of Long Beach where homes in a down market can take a longer time to sell.  One of the creative options we are starting to see is the idea of a lease option.  These are properties that are listed for lease with the owners also willing to sell as well.  In these cases, a lease with an option to buy can often be negotiated if you know how to structure the deal correctly.  Here is a brief

Jun 29

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Having a high walk score has become one of the latest shopping items when looking for a home or condo in the Long Beach area.  What exactly is a walk score?  Well think about it this way, having a high walk score means that you have many local amenities that are within walking distance from you home or condo.  Places like restaurants, grocery stores, movie theater, retail shopping stores are all within a short distance from your place of residence.  The higher the score the closer these places are to the place where you live.  Scores go up to a 100 so if you see a score of 95 then you know that you have picked a place that offers a lot of places close by.

Long Beach, California is a very big beach town with a lot of different areas so not all

Feb 28

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Living in Southern California comes with warm weather throughout most of the year.  For the most part, air-conditioning is not necessary when you own a property near the beach.  The cool coastal winds come in from the ocean and always tend to cool things down for the greater part of the year.  That being said, there always seems to be several months that get especially hot when having an HVAC air conditioner really comes in handy.  While this is something every home in other parts of the country would have, here in Southern California it's considered a luxury, especially for older homes where an air-conditioner was never installed.  Since it's only needed a couple months out of the entire year many owners will just put up with the heat or install a small

Aug 27

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The forecast for the Long Beach real estate market coming into the Fall/Winter of 2019 has many wondering if a price correction of housing is coming in the next 6 to 12 months.  Many are speculating that the market will adjust which will leave many sellers motivated to sell quickly.  In the last real estate downturn in 2009 we saw some of the best deals come on the market.  A large number of these were bank owned properties as well as owners trying to short sale their property to bank.  Some of the best deals were those owners who still had enough equity in their home and were really really eager to sell.  These were probably the quickest deals since you were not at the mercy of the bank to make a decision on whether your offer was accepted or not.


Apr 17

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One of the newest trends in real estate is selling a home at auction.  There are several large auction companies that have jumped into the real estate market and working with owners and real estate agents to assist them in selling a home.  There are several different types of auctions like probate auctions that need the final approval of a trustee before the home can be sold.  More traditional auctions will have a set reserve price that the home must meet before the home can sell.  The best case scenario is finding a real estate auction that has no reserve.  We have seen many properties that have had no reserve and sold well below the current market value.  So if this is the case, why would a seller to choose to auction their home?

First, selling a

Apr 10

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The Aqua Towers is a large complex located right in the middle of the downtown area.  There has never has been a better time to buy a penthouse condo here at Aqua Towers as 3 penthouse listings are currently on the market for sale.  Starting at a mere $798,000 and as high as $1,320,000 will buy a condo on the top floor of the Aqua Towers that sits next to the Marina and sandy beach.  The lowest priced option for $798,000 is a real bargain considering the two bedroom, two bath condo offers two levels of living space with a gourmet kitchen with top of the line Viking appliances and european style cabinetry.  The 1,647 square foot unit has been nicely upgraded with dark hardwood flooring, sleek and modern bathroom finishes and crisp clean white walls.  The