Long Beach Homes with HVAC Air Conditioning

Posted by Sam Smith on Friday, February 28th, 2020 at 1:56pm.

Living in Southern California comes with warm weather throughout most of the year.  For the most part, air-conditioning is not necessary when you own a property near the beach.  The cool coastal winds come in from the ocean and always tend to cool things down for the greater part of the year.  That being said, there always seems to be several months that get especially hot when having an HVAC air conditioner really comes in handy.  While this is something every home in other parts of the country would have, here in Southern California it's considered a luxury, especially for older homes where an air-conditioner was never installed.  Since it's only needed a couple months out of the entire year many owners will just put up with the heat or install a small window air-conditioner to help keep things cool.  Of course, to cool the house down correctly you really need to have a professional HVAC system installed.

We did a quick search to see what homes are advertising having this feature and we found several homes in the various historic districts like Belmont Shore, Naples Island and Belmont Heights.  There are also many residential lofts that offer this feature as well like the historic Insurance Exchange building which feature exposed HVAC systems.  One of the oldest historic neighborhoods is the Virginia Country Club that features grand historic properties on large lots.  These upscale properties are often upgraded and feature HVAC air-conditioning.  To learn more about buying a home in the Long Beach area and surrounding communities please contact our local real estate agents at 562-355-8228.

Long Beach Homes With Air Conditioner

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