Long Beach Homes with Motivated Sellers

Posted by Sam Smith on Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 at 2:25pm.

The forecast for the Long Beach real estate market coming into the Fall/Winter of 2019 has many wondering if a price correction of housing is coming in the next 6 to 12 months.  Many are speculating that the market will adjust which will leave many sellers motivated to sell quickly.  In the last real estate downturn in 2009 we saw some of the best deals come on the market.  A large number of these were bank owned properties as well as owners trying to short sale their property to bank.  Some of the best deals were those owners who still had enough equity in their home and were really really eager to sell.  These were probably the quickest deals since you were not at the mercy of the bank to make a decision on whether your offer was accepted or not.

The real estate market is still remaining strong with some properties reciieving multiple offers right after coming on the market while other homes are getting a lot less action.  We did a search of properties throughout the Long Beach area trying to find the best deals with motivated sellers and came up with this list below.  This represents sellers who own a variety of residential condos to custom single family homes.  One thing to keep in mind when buying a home in Long Beach is the neighborhood and condition of the home.  There are huge factors that will change the price of the home significantly.  For example, a 3 bedroom home in the Wrigley area can be purchased for around $450,000 but if the home was located in the Belmont Shore neighborhood you would be talking a price of around $850,000.  Many older homes can need a lot of work so we always recommend doing your due diligence before buying a home.  For expert analysis of any Long Beach homes please contact any of our local real estate agents at 562-355-8228.

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