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Posted by Sam Smith on Monday, August 30th, 2021 at 9:01pm.

One of the more upscale area of Long Beach, California is the Naples Island area.  A lot of people think this is an exclusive area filled with high end luxury homes that come with their own private boat docks.  These impressive homes can definitely can be found here but there is also some really great smaller beach homes that can be found here.  These homes are often priced at a fraction of the larger water front properties which is really great since you get the prestigious Naples Island address without paying a lot for it.  Rental prices have a wide range here depending on the size and location of the home.  For example the most expensive homes in this community will often be priced at around $10,000 a month for a 2,000+ square foot home located on the water.  This is in comparison to a small two bedroom rental in half a of duplex property that can often be rented in the low $2,00 a month range.  For those looking in this lower range you will often see large luxury homes that are renting a portion of the house or a dedicated studio space for a really great rental price.  

Another great thing about this area when it comes to rentals is the flexibility in the lease terms.  There are many properties that are open to a 6 month or even a month-to-month lease since so make sure to look for these flexible lease terms.  It's important to note that each property is different since they are all individually owned so each property will be on a case to case basis with different lease terms.  Most rentals in this area are rented unfurnished so keep that in mind when renting here.  We have included a rental lease chart that shows what different properties in Naples Island have recently rented for.  For questions regarding this area and renting in the Long Beach area please contact any of our local real estate agents today.

Naples Long Beach Rental Chart

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